Kwikli Electric Moped

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Kwikli Electric Moped

from 99.00

Rent a Kwikli moped to explore Auckland at your own pace and freedom, not being stuck in traffic, as well as using a fully electric, zero-emission moped.


  • NIU N1S fully electric

  • Smartphone app-connected

  • Self-diagnosing

  • Regenerative braking

  • Charges from a wall outlet and battery is easily removable

  • Upto 80km range with the single battery*

Worldwide the Niu scooters have cumulatively travelled over 1 billion km, on this metric and sales numbers they are the #1 selling smart electric scooter worldwide.

Easily the most exciting and significant innovation in the two-wheeled space.
Top speed limited to 50km/h to meet the moped class regulations.


  • We will deliver the bike to your location on a date you specify

  • We will teach you how to charge the battery

  • We will give you a key that will allow access to the battery compartment

  • We will clarify any other questions you have (ie, Insurance, Returns, etc) and hand you the Rental agreement

Included in rental:

  • x1 Helmet (either 57cm or 59cm)

  • x1 High-visibility vest

  • x1 Key

  • x1 Charger

  • Hygiene caps

*In optimum riding conditions on test course


  • $99 - 3 days

  • $129 / weekly

  • $449 / monthly

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