Pricing is as easy az to ride a Kwikli:

  • Membership joining fee: $1

  • Unlock: $2 + Per minute usage: $0.35/min

  • ‘Parking Mode’: $0.10/min (if you needed to hold your Kwikli for a quick errand)

There could be other charges related to improper use of the service - these will be charged to the user as follows:

  • Cleaning/repairing due to violations against rental conditions: minimum $50

  • Moving of unlawfully parked mopeds: $80 + any council infringement fee + towing fees

  • Loss/theft of helmet: $200

  • Callout due to customers fault: $80

  • Ending the ride outside of the greenzone: $80

  • If you forget to lock up your Kwikli (including the seat, helmet box, or centre stand): $25