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Quality and Safety

Kwikli aims to continuously improve its efforts in creating rider safety awareness for its users.

Our FAQs are transparent enough to cover most questions around our services, and we’d like to use this page to additionally highlight some of these efforts:


  • Kwikli provides each moped with a helmet located in the top-box.

    • We provide a single helmet which may come in one of two sizes of helmets (57cm and 59cm). The user will be aware of the helmet size with each moped before starting their ride, and it is up to the user to only ride the moped if the helmet fits securely.

  • We are working on new initiatives to minimise the occurrence of loose-fitting helmets, as well as working with local businesses on helmet pick up/drop off initiatives.

  • We also provide hygiene caps with each moped.


  • Kwikli only verifies riders with atleast a full car licence (Class 1), or atleast a Restricted class of motorcycle licence (Class 6).

    • This is more strict than what is legally permitted on NZ roads, where users with a Class 1 learners car licence are allowed to ride a moped.

    • This ensures people with a higher level of road experience are allowed to use the services, and not put themselves and other drivers at risk. They would also be aware of hazards that learners holders may not be aware of.

Parking+ Speed

  • Our mopeds are required to be parked in legally permitted motorcycle/moped parking spots.

    • They shall not impede pedestrian traffic on the pavements.

  • Our mopeds automatically regulate the maximum speed that can be reached at ~50km/h.

Rider awareness

  • We provide high-visibility vests with each moped for increased visibility on the roads.

  • All of our mopeds shall be deactivated between the hours of 10pm - 6am.

  • Kwikli recommends new users to attend Scooter Safety courses conducted by NZTA accredited instructors. We’re working on creating long-lasting partnerships with such providers.

  • We provide free tutorials in the community for those inexperienced users to get used to riding the mopeds.


We openly encourage your feedback on our work, and would love to hear your comments.

Please read the FAQs for more clarification on the service - the following are only to serve as guidelines for safely operating the Kwikli.

Safety Tips

  • Lane position: Stay out of blind spots and be visible in your lane to people ahead.

  • Careful Speed: Ride at a speed so you can stop quickly if someone stops suddenly or turns in front of you.

  • Space to stop: Keep a safe following distance from the car in front. Always stay two seconds or more behind.

Watch the videos below by Auckland Transport for tips on being safe on the road riding a moped.