Global Ridesharing Market to witness a CAGR of 16.4% during 2018-2024

‘Ubiquity’ is a word often saturated in its usage in many industries. But not the ridesharing industry. The convenience, and what people are willing to spend on it, of alternative transportation modes, a new generation of connected apps, as well as the drive towards sustainable and smarter cities, are all factors contributing to the increasing trend of ridesharing technologies.

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Australian Ridesharing market heating up

The good news is that if ridesharing is only a piece in the bigger puzzle of urban transport, state regulation should not be a deterrent to sophisticated players like DiDi and Uber. Additional regulation can ensure better outcomes for rideshare drivers, while they are still required.

In addition, it can also translate into better service for customers in the long term. The platforms' technologies can help to solve urban transport problems.

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How Blockchain technology can help create a better experience in ridesharing

Blockchain brings increased transparency and greater driver trust through having a payment system that with fees collected transparently and algorithmically delivered to the right parties.

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