Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kwikli?

Kwikli is a mobility sharing service in New Zealand, consisting of renting electric mopeds on-demand using a mobile app. It is a 'last-mile' mobility solution which is easy, fast, affordable, and sustainable. Ride a Kwikli in your city whenever and wherever you want!

How do I register?

  • You are licensed to ride a moped if you have either a Full car (Class 1) licence or atleast a Restricted motorcycle (Class 6) licence.

  • You’ll also need a valid credit card to register.

  • Once you submit these details via our app, you will receive an email of whether your details have been successfully validated or not.

  • A one-time registration fee of $1 is charged.

What about insurance?

Each verified user would be covered under third-party insurance with our insurance partner, with the users liability being up to a maximum payment for the excess. The excess that a user may be liable for is a minimum of NZD$1,800 - please read the Membership Agreement for more details.
For damage caused by improper handling or operation of the moped (including deliberate acts), these are liable in full by the user.

How sustainable are the mopeds?

To make a comparison, using the same amount of energy it takes to toast a couple of slices of bread, you could ride a Kwikli moped around the city using half of that electrical energy! The emission-free electric mopeds are efficient, powerful and low-maintenance. Completely independent from fossil fuels, almost all parts of the moped are recyclable, including the battery.

What do I need to know about riding an electric moped?

It’s pretty easy! The only thing you need is the Kwikli app and an adventurous attitude.
Check out the How to Ride page for more info on how to operate the moped.

We’ll also be organizing free tutorials over the weekends for those who want to try riding a moped for the first time, so keep an eye out for further announcements on the website.

It is mandatory in New Zealand to wear a helmet whilst riding the moped. Each Kwikli moped will have a helmet in the trunk-case, which is specifically chosen to fit most head shapes and sizes.
Our helmets are approved motorcycle helmets that comply with the UN/ECE Regulation No. 22 and NZS 5430 standards.

Each case will also be equipped with disposable hygiene caps, as well as a high-vis vest for added safety and preference.

What about helmets?

Can I carry passengers?

At this stage, Kwikli users are not allowed to carry any passengers due to the restricting weight limit of the mopeds.

How much does a ride cost?

Check our Pricing page for updated info. Other prices (such as loss of helmets, parking infringements, insurance excess in the case of accidents, etc) are updated in the Membership Agreement. The payments will be automatically deducted from the user’s credit card after a certain number of rides.

Users can ride a moped only within the standard 50km/h streets of the city. They’re not allowed on motorways where the speed exceeds this limit.

Can I ride them on motorways?

What about parking, and what are Greenzones?

Kwikli users must end their rides in legally permitted Motorcycle/Moped parking spots that fall within designated ‘greenzones’. For more detailed views of the greenzones, either open your Kwikli app and zoom in and out of different areas, indicating where the greenzones are, or click this link to view pictures of the greenzones.

  • If a user ends a ride within the greenzone, then they are only charged the standard Kwikli rate for the ride (see Pricing).

  • If a user ends a ride outside of the greenzone, they will be charged a service fee (see Pricing) as one of the Kwikli staff will have to go bring the moped back into the greenzone.

  • If you park the moped in a metered carpark space, Auckland Transport will charge you for using that space like any any other carpark charge - so best to find a Motorcycle/Moped parking spot.

Use this interactive Moped Parking Map to see all the Auckland Transport parking spots for mopeds (ensure ‘Motorcycle parking’ is selected) - and remember to park in any one of these spots within the Kwikli greenzones.

What are the operating times of service?

For the pilot period, all vehicles will be disabled between 10pm - 6am.

How are they charged?

Our Kwikli Ranger team (if you’re looking for job, checkout our Careers section) takes care of them being correctly distributed and charged around the city so you can always have a charged moped nearby.

How can I recognise a Kwikli moped?

We're the first electric moped-sharing service in the country, so you're sure not to miss one of these zipping by. Plus they have identification stickers with the brand name and logo.

But there's more! To recognise every moped, we assigned a personalised name based on a renowned Kiwi sporting hero! In this way it is much easier to spot them on the map. We may even start asking for name suggestions from our users, so get involved!

When will Kwikli be available in other cities?

After starting in Auckland city, we aim to expand to other major cities like Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. If you want us to bring Kwikli to your city, then get in touch with us from our home page.

How can I join the Kwikli team?

Check our career section in our website for the different positions. We usually have intern positions or to join the rangers team. If you are passionate about the startup world, sustainable mobility and lifestyle, we want you in our team!