What is Kwikli?

Kwiki is a mobility sharing service in New Zealand. The service consists in renting electric scooters per minute, paying only for your drive and having an available urban transport which is easy, fast, comfortable, sustainable and quiet. Ride electric scooters in your city whenever and wherever you want!

How sustainable is the system really?


To make a comparison, riding a YUGO scooter uses half the energy of a toaster to take you around the city at 50km/h. Even taking into account the emissions produced in the power plants where the batteries are made, YUGO emits 2% of the emissions of a car driving around the city. Moreover, almost all parts of the scooter are recyclable, including the battery.

Who is the scooter manufacturer?


The manufacturing of the scooters and their individual pieces for reparations is an externalized process from YUGO assigned to the German company Emco.